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I am Thainy Macedo, Brazilian born and Brussels based since 2004.

80% of my clients are brazilians, and that’s the reason why I mostly speaks in Portuguese on my Instagram stories and social media in general.

My story as a doula started in 2016, after having my first child. At that time I realized how poor the regular child birth preparations are and how some women get really mistreated during what is supposed to be the most beautiful moment of their life.

Seeing – and living – such a bad reality did hit me hard. A nonconformity feeling that made me awaken my consciousness and fired up my desire to become a Doula. I felt like had to act in order to help changing that system.

And so I did. During my Doula certification I had the pleasure and honour to suport and inform 6 volunteer families through the hole birthing process: pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I could learn so much in such little time and was so inspired by all women I had worked with, that I even believed I myself could have a complete different experience on my second time giving birth than on my first one. And my dream came true in 2018, when I had the homebirth* of my second child, with the best and most respectful care I could ever have.

But life happened and made me slow down my attendiments for a bit. It was time for me to stay home with my children, enjoying the beauty and the pain of a very long and difficult postpartum.

In 2021 I was back on my feet and able to work again supporting women during labour. It was a pretty insane year where so many babies where being born on my way, yet I was able to support all of those families even if in different ways: homebirths, emergency C-section, VBAC, pelvic babies, stillborn baby, miscarriages, postpartum traumas… Each family has a unique history, each baby is unique. But every family is looking for the same thing: being well informed, supported and respected in their decisions.

My work as a Doula have allowed me to connect with many midwife’s, gynecologists, psychologists and perinatal professionals, which together with so many families I have attented, gave me the opportunity to work in almost every hospital of the city of Brussels.

Throughout these years I could support and inform hundred of families, and have helped in aproximatedally 50 birth experiences.

My professional goal is to give each family that seeks for my help, all the support and information they need in order to make the right choices for them, with confidence, during the hole birthing process. For some families it might mean seeing me once or twice during the whole pregnancy and postpartum, and for others, it might mean having my presence during all the birth procedure. Whatever the family’s necessity is, my work is to be there for and with them. Each family have different needs. And I am here to be the Doula you need and deserve.

*You can read my birth story here: Thevillage.be

Feel free to contact me on WhatsApp (0032 484 03 20 65).

To get an appointment: AGENDA ONLINE and you can find me each Tuesday at Zwanger in Brussel!